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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of service is BoxHop?

BoxHop allows you to host a completely functional website straight from your Dropbox account. With a standard account, you are able to create one fully functional website utilizing a boxhop.io subdomain. Additional websites can be enabled by upgrading your account.

How much does BoxHop cost?

This the cool part. One site costs you $0. Free. Zero. Nothing. Nada. Ofcourse, you can always upgrade your account and enable additional sites coupled with unlimited storage space

Is my Dropbox password safe?

Absolutely! We never capture or see your password. All authentication is done on Dropbox.com. All we recieve is a super-long random token that allows us to authenticate you against Dropbox's developer API.

Can you see what's in my Dropbox?

Only whatever you decide to put in your BoxHop folder. We dont have access to anything else.